Welcome to the European Institute for Community-based Conflict Resolution

The GBKL-CBCR European Institute for Community-based Conflict Resolution sets itself the task of empowering people and communities to deal with conflicts of all kinds in a discursive, peaceful and constructive manner. In doing so, individuals or groups are enabled to seek creative ways of building and enhancing community, where they live, work, learn or feel they belong.

Conflict-resolving processes, for instance, mediation, small group processes or CBCR Dialogue, are developed for and applied in diverse social settings.

Participatory democracy, inclusive pluralism, peaceful co-existence, intercultural understanding, identity work, including meeting and interacting with people of other identities than one’s own, and the development of good neighborhoods, both at the local level and across Europe, are key goals guiding the GBKL-CBCR association’s activities and projects.

To realize these goals, the Institute offers training and advanced courses in:

  • Conflict resolution, community-building and process leadership
  • Intercultural competence und diversity practice
  • School mediation
  • Dialogue skills and formats

Further core activities include presentations, conflict-resolving interventions and dialogue interactions.

The Central European Summer School for Conflict Resolution, held in Salzburg from 2002 to 2009, is held internationally upon request.

The GBKL-CBCR association was registered in Salzburg as a non-profit organization in 2004 and networks with partners and friends around the world.