CBCR Courses

„Build community – become conflict-resolving “

CBCR courses have been offered in Salzburg since 1996, as well as in other locations in Austria, upon request. A unique feature: each unit can be taken on a stand-alone basis.

Emphasis is placed on learning the foundational principles, techniques and tools needed for the design of conflict-resolving processes, such as mediation, together with the neutral role of the third party. Additional emphasis is placed on process leadership. CBCR foundational process combines experiential learning and theoretical inputs alternating with reflection. The written work concluding the professional mediation training offers the opportunity for deeper theoretical work in a chosen specialized area.

The context for community-building is provided by the CBCR principles, which support learning in the group, when roles and tasks are distributed and mutual support is important, as well as, in applying skills in the community of your choice. Keeping ideas and action congruent and developing a balanced flow of experience, reflection and renewed insight is central. A surprising constant: the diversity of participants, both culturally and in other ways, in the not homogeneous training groups is a precondition for creating community. Relevant methods are presented during the training.

Feedback from participants of trainings:

„Learning a lot about my ‚stuff‘!” 
“I saw that there are many more possibilities to learn something, when pressure is not exercised in trying to convince participants of the correctness of a certain method. Thank you!”
“It was a wonderful experience to see how, with soft impulses, a team was created out of a bunch of strong individualists.”
“The way of talking and of leading the course was very pleasant.”
“I take away a very good feeling, that despite all of our differences, the principles of CBCR have found their way into our hearts and will spread their influence from there.”

Participants from diverse backgrounds or professions are welcome in CBCR training.