What is CBCR?

CBCR empowers people to take responsibility for the solution of conflicts in interpersonal and social contexts, and to take action. In this regard, CBCR is a radical project of community integration and development.

CBCR processes promote the creation or further development of lively communities and the differentiated perception of both the diversity and uniqueness of identities, whether of individuals or of groups.

Transformative communicative social processes are put into place. Those involved are empowered to go further and to evolve good relations based on mutual respect.

Conflict is seen as a natural by-product of human co-existence. Participants learn to become aware and to discover that fundamental and legacy conflict is not a permanent given, but can be transformed.

In using a range of conflict-resolving measures, apparent opponents may become actual partners in handling conflicts together.

The CBCR program was brought to Austria and neighboring countries in 1996 and further developed. It is based on the original work of Robert P. Birt at the Ridgewood Foundation in Canada which was delivered through the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution - CICR. Ongoing collaboration, support and consultation with the author enables local partners to pursue the dynamic renewal of the methodology.

Invited by the CICR, milestones in the development of CBCR in Europe were presented in Ottawa in summer 2012. 

The CBCR principles constitute the mission statement for training and for further activities.

You are invited to join this project!