Central European Summer School for Conflict Resolution CESS-CR

Sarajevo 2014: Becoming Active: Open the Door
Dates: Wednesday September 17 to Sunday, September 21, 2014.



Invitation to the next Summer School

The CESS-CR programme is designed for people working to build and strengthen cohesive communities. The tools for community-building which participants acquire are especially useful in contexts where people of different cultural and religious identities are destined to co-exist and where leaders are motivated to base co-existence on mutual respect and acceptance, while dealing peacefully and energetically with conflicts.
The method of experiential learning challenges both first-time participants as well as those returning for a second or further time. A public community interaction led by Summer School participants constitutes a highlight of each Summer School. Participation is open to everyone interested. Be prepared to transform something in yourself!

Goals of the CESS-CR

  • Getting prepared to lead conflict-resolving processes within diverse community and organizational contexts (Note: Active initiation of project(s) is a precondition of participation in the Summer School.)
  • Experiencing how it feels to think and feel beyond one's own identity horizons, while respecting one's belonging and roots
  • Enlarging the network of people engaged in peace and conflict work – learning to work in international multilingual teams
  • Sharing of foundational principles & values of Community-based Conflict Resolution
  • Developing further initiatives, in teams or with a partner, for community contexts where identity conflict and other types of – e.g. fundamental – conflict may be present