Welcome to the European Institute for Community-based Conflict Resolution

The GBKL-CBCR European Institute for Community-based Conflict Resolution sets itself the task of empowering people and communities to deal with conflicts of all kinds in a discursive, peaceful and constructive manner. In doing so, individuals or groups are enabled to seek creative ways of building and enhancing community, where they live, work, learn or feel they belong.

Conflict-resolving processes, for instance, mediation, small group processes or CBCR Dialogue, are developed for and applied in diverse social settings.

What is CBCR?

CBCR empowers people to take responsibility for the solution of conflicts in interpersonal and social contexts, and to take action. In this regard, CBCR is a radical project of community integration and development.

CBCR processes promote the creation or further development of lively communities and the differentiated perception of both the diversity and uniqueness of identities, whether of individuals or of groups.


Until we embrace the broad range of abilities, interests, emotions and desires that boys possess, we will suffer the effects that stifled, emotionally undeveloped men bring to the world. Celebrate the joy, the curiosity, the sense of fairness, the sensitivity, the physicality, the impulsiveness, the caring that is boys.
Robert Ellis